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Science Gets Real with Interactive STEM Cases

STEM Cases put students in the role of STEM professionals tasked with solving real-world problems. Via interactive activities online, including case studies, students form and test ideas to find solutions — just like real scientists.

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Inside an Interactive STEM Case

STEM Cases engage students in-depth in science content, concepts, and practices. Each starts with a real-world problem and then takes students through foundational knowledge and virtual guided-inquiry activities as they work to solve it. Students:

  • Learn the science required to solve the problem
  • Collect data to inform the investigation
  • Analyze and interpret data to gain a deeper understanding of the problem
  • Form a hypothesis on the cause of the problem and a potential solution
  • Test the hypothesis through more experiments, and revise it based on new evidence
  • Communicate findings by writing a case summary report

Real-time Data. Real Results.

  • Instant Insights

    Real-time data heatmaps immediately uncover student problem areas

  • Real-time Assessment

    Embedded formative assessments evaluate student progress as it happens

  • Research-proven Design

    Evidence shows that Cases with real-time data elicits significant learning gains

Support Meaningful Learning


Align to the latest educational standards


Support science and engineering practices


Frame learning in real-world experiences


The interactive Cases improve students' content knowledge and critical thinking ability. The kids are putting more thought into things and they're asking better questions.

Director of Science, Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA

Students like that the information is put into a real-world scenario and they are proud of themselves when they master the content in order to solve the case. I see real growth in the students' technical writing skills as they fill out their case summary reports.

Teacher, Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL

Seeing the heatmap helps me immediately apply my data to my classroom. If I had to do this by hand and by paper, it would take forever to see how all my students are doing.

Teacher, The Walker School, GA

You could hear a pin drop from start to finish. The students were extremely engaged and excited to have some part in helping diagnose or treat individuals in the different Cases.

STEM Instructional Specialist, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, NY

With Cases the kids can see: Here's my data. I'm going to look at a graph that I'll make with my data. And then I can interpret it. It's a great way for them to learn by inquiry, but it's also a hands-on building lab.

Teacher, Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, WI

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