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As a veterinary technician, students learn about enzymes to help a dog that has been eating normally but is losing a lot of weight.

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Featured STEM Cases

Animal Group Behavior

A farmer in Africa is having problems with elephants eating her corn and cotton crops. As a wildlife biologist, students learn about animal group behavior and relationships of elephants and humans with bees. Students collect data from the farm and elephants to hypothesize and test solutions that will protect the crops without hurting the elephants.

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Featured STEM Cases

Water Crisis: Stoichiometry

There has been an outbreak of legionnaires’ disease in a small town. This disease is caused by legionella bacteria that proliferate in contaminated water supplies. Students take on the role of an environmental chemist to investigate the source of legionella and use stoichiometry to decontaminate the water supply and remediate the disease outbreak.

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