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With Gizmos, Kids Get It.

Explore the best STEM learning tools for the classroom. Over 400 math and science Gizmos gives everyone something to graph, measure, and compare.

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Cell Structure

Mouse Genetics (One Trait)

Cell Division

Natural Selection

Energy Conversions

Fraction, Decimal, Percent

Food Chain

Pattern Finder

Ready for Anything.


Gizmos support the latest educational standards and assessments.


Gizmos run on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android devices.


From blended learning to whole group to 1:1, Gizmos work.

Make Connections. Draw Conclusions

  • Discover Concepts

    Interactive design allows for extensive manipulation of variables and "what-if" experimentation.

  • Analyze Data

    Visualizations and graphing tools help capture and compare results from experiments.

  • Go Deeper

    In-depth activities create more moments to explore, discover and apply new concepts.

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Growing Plants Gizmo

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Fraction Garden Gizmo

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Forest Ecosystem Gizmo


I'm really a strong proponent of Gizmos in science because I have seen firsthand what it does in terms of engaging kids in labs. Gizmos really allow students to go deeper in terms of problem solving and critical thinking.

Assistant Superintendent, Miami-Dade Public Schools, FL

Gizmos have been an extremely successful tool to differentiate and to allow the students to go at their own pace at the depth they need for their own learning.

Middle School Science Department Chair, Lewisville Independent School District, TX

Textbooks have come and gone in our district at all grade levels, but what our teachers have been able to rely on for the past 7 or 8 years is the quality of the product that ExploreLearning is putting out with Gizmos.

Director of K-12 STEM Education, Hillsborough Public Schools, FL

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  • Class Management

  • Teaching Resources

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