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Evolution STEM Case

Working as a CDC researcher, students investigate an outbreak of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections and determine how evolution was involved by tracing the source and cause of the outbreak.

STEM Cases are interactive explorations in which students practice problem-solving and critical thinking as they solve a real world problem as a STEM professional.
  • View students results in realtime.
  • Cases take 30-90 minutes to complete.
  • Student progress is automatically saved.
  • Complete in multiple sessions.


More About STEM Cases

Student progress is automatically saved so that STEM Cases can be completed over multiple sessions.

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LevelDescriptionEstimated Time
High School  This version is for general biology classes 40-50 min
AP  This version is for AP level classes 50-75 min

Expanded Handbook

More About Handbooks

Most content from the Expanded Handbook is included in the corresponding STEM Case.

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LevelDescriptionEstimated Time
High School  The Expanded Handbook covers allele frequency, directional, stabilizing, and disruptive selection in addition to the concepts covered in the handbook section of the High School Case 20-25 min
AP  The AP Handbook is identical to the handbook section in the AP Case 20-25 min


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