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5.2 Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals

5.3 Prime and Composite Numbers, Even and Odd Numbers

5.4 Operations with Whole Numbers

5.5 Operations with Decimals

5.6 +/- Fractions & Mixed Numbers, ×and ÷ Whole # & Proper Fraction

5.7 Simplify Whole Number Numerical Expressions

5.8 Area, Perimeter, and Volume

5.9 Measurement with the Metric System

5.11 Elapsed Time in Hours and Minutes within a 24-hour period

5.13 Triangles: Classify, Sum of Interior Angles, & Angles Measures

5.14 Transformations, Combining & Subdivide Polygons

5.15 Fundamental Counting Principle

5.16 Stem-and-leaf Plots

5.17 Measures of Center

5.18 Identify, Describe, Create, Express, and Extend Number Patterns

5.19 The Concept of Variable