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Shared by a math and science teacher.

4.1 Place Value, Rounding, Compare & Order Whole Numbers

4.2 Fractions and Mixed Numbers

4.3 Decimals Expressed through Thousandths, Dec/Frac Equivalents

4.4 Multiplication and Division Facts through 12 x 12

4.5 Multiples and Factors, including LCM and GCF

4.6 Add and Subtract with Decimals, & Practical Problems

4.7 Area and Perimeter in U.S. Customary and Metric Units

4.8 Estimate and Measure Length, Weight/Mass, Liquid Volume

4.9 Elapsed Time

4.10 Points, Lines, Segments, Rays, Angles, || and ? Lines

4.12 Classify Quadrilaterals

4.13 Probability

4.14 Bar Graphs and Line Graphs

4.15 Identify, Describe, Create and Extend Patterns