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AII.1 Operations with rational express., radical express. & factoring

AII.2 Complex Numbers

AII.3 Solving Equations, Expressions, and Inequalities

AII.5 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series

AII.6 Shape of Function Families: convert between equations & graphs

AII.7 Investigate function families algebraically and graphically

AII.7a Domain, Range, and Continuity;

AII.7c Extrema

AII.7d Zeros

AII.7e Intercepts

AII.7.f Values of a function for elements in its domain

AII.7.g Connections between and among multiple representations

AII.7.h End behavior;

AII.7.i Vertical and horizontal asymptotes;

AII.7.j Inverse of a function;

AII.8 Polynomial Expressions:Solutions, Zeros, x-intercepts, & factors

AII.9 Curve of Best Fit: quadratic and exponential functions

AII.10 Variation: direct, inverse, and joint variation

AII.11 Normal Distribution

AII.12 Permutations and Combinations