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8.1 Compare and Order Real Numbers

8.2 Relationships between the subsets of the real number system.

8.3 Square Roots and Perfect Squares

8.4 Practical problems involving consumer applications.

8.5 Relationships among pairs of angles to determine unknown angles.

8.6 Vol & SA of cones and square-based pyramids

8.7 Apply transformations and identify practical applications.

8.8 Construct a 3-D models, given top, bottom, sides, and front views

8.9 Pythagorean Theorem

8.10 Area and Perimeter, composite plane figures, & practical problems

8.11 Probability of Independent and Dependent Events

8.12 Boxplots

8.13 Scatterplots

8.14 Algebraic Expressions

8.15 Relations and Functions, Domain and Range of a Function

8.16 Slope, y = mx + b, graphs, tables, equations, & descriptions

8.17 Solve multi-step linear equations in one-variable

8.18 Solve multi-step linear inequalities in one variable