GLE 0307.4: Plants and animals reproduce and transmit hereditary information between generations.

GLE 0307.4.2: Recognize common human characteristics that are transmitted from parents to offspring.


GLE 0307.6: The cosmos is vast and explored well enough to know its basic structure and operational principles.

GLE 0307.6.1: Identify and compare the major components of the solar system.

Solar System

GLE 0307.10: Various forms of energy are constantly being transformed into other types without any net loss of energy from the system.

GLE 0307.10.2: Design and conduct an experiment to investigate the ability of different materials to conduct heat.

Conduction and Convection

GLE 0307.12: Everything in the universe exerts a gravitational force on everything else; there is an interplay between magnetic fields and electrical currents.

GLE 0307.12.1: Explore how magnets attract objects made of certain metals.


Correlation last revised: 9/16/2020

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