GLE 0506.2: Number and Operations

GLE 0506.2.1: Extend the understanding of place value through millions and millionths in various contexts and representations.

Fraction, Decimal, Percent (Area and Grid Models)
Rounding Whole Numbers (Number Line)

GLE 0506.2.2: Write natural numbers (to 50) as a product of prime factors and understand that this is unique (apart from order).

Factor Trees (Factoring Numbers)

GLE 0506.2.3: Develop fluency with division of whole numbers. Understand the relationship of divisor, dividend, and quotient in terms of multiplication and division.

No Alien Left Behind (Division with Remainders)

GLE 0506.2.4: Develop fluency with addition and subtraction of proper and improper fractions and mixed numbers; explain and model the algorithm.

Adding Fractions (Fraction Tiles)
Fraction Artist 2 (Area Models of Fractions)
Fractions Greater than One (Fraction Tiles)
Modeling Fractions (Area Models)

GLE 0506.2.5: Develop fluency in solving multi-step problems using whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.

Multiplying Decimals (Area Model)
Treasure Hunter (Decimals on the Number Line)

GLE 0506.3: Algebra

GLE 0506.3.1: Understand and use order of operations.

Order of Operations

GLE 0506.4: Geometry and Measurement

GLE 0506.4.1: Use basic formulas and visualization to find the area of geometric figures.

Area of Triangles
Chocomatic (Multiplication, Arrays, and Area)
Fido's Flower Bed (Perimeter and Area)

GLE 0506.4.3: Describe length/distance relationships using the first quadrant of the coordinate system.

Points in the Coordinate Plane

GLE 0506.5: Data, Probability and Statistics

GLE 0506.5.1: Make, record, display and interpret data and graphs that include whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.

Graphing Skills
Mascot Election (Pictographs and Bar Graphs)
Reaction Time 2 (Graphs and Statistics)

GLE 0506.5.2: Describe the shape and important features of a set of data using the measures of central tendency.

Movie Reviewer (Mean and Median)
Reaction Time 1 (Graphs and Statistics)
Reaction Time 2 (Graphs and Statistics)

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