A: What makes objects move the way they do?

A.4.1: The position and motion of objects can be changed by pushing or pulling.

A.4.1.B 8: Describe the effects of the strengths of pushes and pulls on the motion of objects.

Force and Fan Carts

B: How do matter and energy flow through ecosystems?

B.4.2: All organisms depend on the living and non-living features of the environment for survival.

B.4.2.B 11: Describe how natural phenomena and some human activities may cause changes to habitats and their inhabitants.

Pond Ecosystem

C: How do external and internal sources of energy affect the Earth's systems?

C.4.3: Water has a major role in shaping the Earth's surface.

C.4.3.B 12: Describe how the sun's energy impacts the water cycle.

Water Cycle

D.4.4: Electrical and magnetic energy can be transferred and transformed.

D.4.4.B 15: Explain how simple electrical circuits can be used to determine which materials conduct electricity.

Circuit Builder

D.4.4.B 16: Describe the properties of magnets, and how they can be used to identify and separate mixtures of solid materials.


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