3.A: Algebra

3.A.1: Use procedures to transform algebraic expressions.

3.A.1.1: Students are able to explain the relationship between repeated addition and multiplication.

Chocomatic (Multiplication, Arrays, and Area)

3.A.2: Use a variety of algebraic concepts and methods to solve equations and inequalities.

3.A.2.2: Students are able to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers.

3.A.2.2.b: Represent given problem situations using diagrams, models, and symbolic expressions.

Equivalent Fractions (Fraction Tiles)

3.A.3: Interpret and develop mathematical models.

3.A.3.1: Students are able to use the relationship between multiplication and division to compute and check results.

Factor Trees (Factoring Numbers)
No Alien Left Behind (Division with Remainders)

3.M: Measurement

3.M.1: Apply measurement concepts in practical applications.

3.M.1.3: Students are able to identify U.S. Customary units of length (feet), weight (pounds), and capacity (gallons).

Cannonball Clowns (Number Line Estimation)

3.M.1.4: Students are able to select appropriate units to measure length (inch, foot, mile, yard); weight (ounces, pounds, tons); and capacity (cups, pints, quarts, gallons).

Cannonball Clowns (Number Line Estimation)

3.M.1.5: Students are able to measure length to the nearest 1/2 inch.

3.M.1.5.a: Measure length to the nearest centimeter.

Cannonball Clowns (Number Line Estimation)
Measuring Trees

3.N: Number Sense

3.N.1: Analyze the structural characteristics of the real number system and its various subsystems. Analyze the concept of value, magnitude, and relative magnitude of real numbers.

3.N.1.1: Students are able to place in order and compare whole numbers less than 10,000, using appropriate words and symbols.

Modeling Whole Numbers and Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

3.N.1.3: Students are able to name and write fractions from visual representations.

3.N.1.3.a: Recognize that fractions and decimals are parts of a whole.

Equivalent Fractions (Fraction Tiles)
Fraction Artist 1 (Area Models of Fractions)
Fraction Artist 2 (Area Models of Fractions)
Fraction Garden (Comparing Fractions)
Fraction, Decimal, Percent (Area and Grid Models)
Modeling Fractions (Area Models)
Toy Factory (Set Models of Fractions)

3.N.1.3.b: Compare numerical value of fractions having like denominators.

Adding Fractions (Fraction Tiles)
Equivalent Fractions (Fraction Tiles)
Factor Trees (Factoring Numbers)
Fraction Artist 2 (Area Models of Fractions)
Modeling Fractions (Area Models)

3.N.1.3.c: Compare decimals expressed as tenths and hundredths.

Adding Whole Numbers and Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)
Modeling Decimals (Area and Grid Models)
Modeling Whole Numbers and Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)
Subtracting Whole Numbers and Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)
Treasure Hunter (Decimals on the Number Line)

3.N.2: Apply number operations with real numbers and other number systems.

3.N.2.1: Students are able to add and subtract whole numbers up to three digits and multiply two digits by one digit.

3.N.2.1.a: Recall multiplication facts through the tens.

Critter Count (Modeling Multiplication)

3.N.3: Develop conjectures, predictions, or estimations to solve problems and verify or justify the results.

3.N.3.1: Students are able to round two-digit whole numbers to the nearest tens, and three-digit whole numbers to the nearest hundreds.

Rounding Whole Numbers (Number Line)

3.S.1.1: Students are able to ask and answer questions from data represented in bar graphs, pictographs and tally charts.

Forest Ecosystem
Reaction Time 1 (Graphs and Statistics)

3.S.1.2: Students are able to gather data and use the information to complete a scaled and labeled graph.

Graphing Skills
Mascot Election (Pictographs and Bar Graphs)
Reaction Time 2 (Graphs and Statistics)

3.S.2.1: Students are able to describe events as certain or impossible.

Spin the Big Wheel! (Probability)

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