1: Patterns and functional relationships can be represented and analyzed using a variety of strategies, tools and technologies.

1.1: Understand and describe patterns and functional relationships.

1.1.a: Model real-world situations and make generalizations about mathematical relationships using a variety of patterns and functions.

Arithmetic Sequences
Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Finding Patterns
Geometric Sequences

1.2: Represent and analyze quantitative relationships in a variety of ways.

1.2.a: Relate the behavior of functions and relations to specific parameters and determine functions to model real-world situations.

Absolute Value with Linear Functions
Determining a Spring Constant
Introduction to Exponential Functions
Points, Lines, and Equations
Translating and Scaling Functions
Zap It! Game

1.3: Use operations, properties and algebraic symbols to determine equivalence and solve problems.

1.3.a: Use and extend algebraic concepts to include real and complex numbers, vectors and matrices.

Adding Vectors

2: Quantitative relationships can be expressed numerically in multiple ways in order to make connections and simplify calculations using a variety of strategies, tools and technologies.

2.1: Understand that a variety of numerical representa-tions can be used to describe quantitative relation-ships.

2.1.a: Extend the understand-ing of number to include the set of complex numbers.

Points in the Complex Plane
Roots of a Quadratic

3: Shapes and structures can be analyzed, visualized, measured and transformed using a variety of strategies, tools and technologies.

3.2: Use spatial reasoning, location and geometric relationships to solve problems.

3.2.a: Use a variety of coordinate systems and transformations to solve geometric problems in 2 and 3 dimensions using appropriate tools and technologies.


4: Data can be analyzed to make informed decisions using a variety of strategies, tools and technologies.

4.2: Analyze data sets to form hypotheses and make predictions.

4.2.a: Describe and analyze sets of data using statistical models.

Box-and-Whisker Plots

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