SC4.1: In the context of unifying concepts and processes, students develop an understanding of scientific content through inquiry. Science is a dynamic process; concepts and content are best learned through inquiry and investigation. Concepts in Life Systems, Earth and Space Systems, and Physical Systems are taught within the context of the following Unifying Concepts and Processes of Science:

SC4.1.2: Life Cycles of Organisms: Students sequence life cycles of living things, and recognize that plants and animals resemble their parents.


SC4.1.7: Properties of Objects: Students classify objects by properties that can be observed, measured, and recorded, including color, shape, size, weight, volume, texture, and temperature.

Mineral Identification
Weight and Mass

SC4.1.8: Changes in States of Matter: Students demonstrate that the processes of heating and cooling can change matter from one state to another.

Phases of Water

SC4.1.10: Position and Motion of Objects: Students demonstrate that pushing and pulling can change the position and motion of objects.

Force and Fan Carts

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