SC.5.4: Students will: demonstrate knowledge, understanding and applications of scientific facts, concepts, principles, theories and models as delineated in the objectives, demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships among physics, chemistry, biology and the earth and space sciences, and apply knowledge, understanding and skills of science subject matter/concepts to daily life experiences.

SC.5.4.5: compare variations of plant growth and reproduction.

Flower Pollination

SC.5.4.8: trace and describe the pathways of the sun's energy through producers, consumers and decomposers using food webs and pyramids.

Forest Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem

SC.5.4.12: identify substances by their relative densities (e.g., floating; sinking).


SC.5.4.13: analyze diagrams of electrical circuits.

Circuit Builder

SC.5.4.16: describe how the variables of gravity and friction affect the motion of objects.

Free Fall Tower
Gravity Pitch

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