112.7.6: The student knows that some change occurs in cycles.

112.7.6.A: identify events and describe changes that occur on a regular basis such as in daily, weekly, lunar, and seasonal cycles;

Phases of the Moon
Summer and Winter

112.7.6.C: describe and compare life cycles of plants and animals.

Forest Ecosystem

112.7.7: The student knows that matter has physical properties.

112.7.7.A: classify matter based on its physical properties including magnetism, physical state, and the ability to conduct or insulate heat, electricity, and sound;


112.7.7.D: observe and measure characteristic properties of substances that remain constant such as boiling points and melting points.

Mineral Identification
Phases of Water

112.7.8: The student knows that energy occurs in many forms.

112.7.8.A: differentiate among forms of energy including light, heat, electrical, and solar energy;

Energy Conversions

112.7.8.B: identify and demonstrate everyday examples of how light is reflected, such as from tinted windows, and refracted, such as in cameras, telescopes, and eyeglasses;

Heat Absorption

112.7.8.C: demonstrate that electricity can flow in a circuit and can produce heat, light, sound, and magnetic effects;

Circuit Builder

112.7.10: The student knows that likenesses between offspring and parents can be inherited or learned.

112.7.10.A: identify traits that are inherited from parent to offspring in plants and animals;


112.7.12: The student knows that the natural world includes earth materials and objects in the sky.

112.7.12.B: describe processes responsible for the formation of coal, oil, gas, and minerals;

Mineral Identification

112.7.12.C: identify the physical characteristics of the Earth and compare them to the physical characteristics of the moon;

Phases of the Moon
Solar System

112.7.12.D: identify gravity as the force that keeps planets in orbit around the Sun and the moon in orbit around the Earth.

Gravity Pitch

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