112.6.6: The student knows that change can create recognizable patterns.

112.6.6.A: identify patterns of change such as in weather, metamorphosis, and objects in the sky;

Phases of the Moon

112.6.7: The student knows that matter has physical properties.

112.6.7.A: observe and record changes in the states of matter caused by the addition or reduction of heat;

Phases of Water

112.6.7.B: conduct tests, compare data, and draw conclusions about physical properties of matter including states of matter, conduction, density, and buoyancy.

Mineral Identification

112.6.9: The student knows that many likenesses between offspring and parents are inherited or learned.

112.6.9.A: distinguish between inherited traits and learned characteristics;


112.6.9.B: identify and provide examples of inherited traits and learned characteristics.


112.6.11: The student knows that the natural world includes earth materials and objects in the sky.

112.6.11.B: summarize the effects of the oceans on land;

Ocean Tides

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