112.5.6: The student knows that forces cause change.

112.5.6.A: measure and record changes in the position and direction of the motion of an object to which a force such as a push or pull has been applied;

Force and Fan Carts

112.5.7: The student knows that matter has physical properties.

112.5.7.A: gather information including temperature, magnetism, hardness, and mass using appropriate tools to identify physical properties of matter;

Mineral Identification
Weight and Mass

112.5.7.B: identify matter as liquids, solids, and gases.

Phases of Water

112.5.8: The student knows that living organisms need food, water, light, air, a way to dispose of waste, and an environment in which to live.

112.5.8.A: observe and describe the habitats of organisms within an ecosystem;

Forest Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem

112.5.8.B: observe and identify organisms with similar needs that compete with one another for resources such as oxygen, water, food, or space;

Forest Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem

112.5.8.C: describe environmental changes in which some organisms would thrive, become ill, or perish;

Pond Ecosystem

112.5.10: The student knows that many likenesses between offspring and parents are inherited from the parents.

112.5.10.A: identify some inherited traits of plants;


112.5.10.B: identify some inherited traits of animals.


112.5.11: The student knows that the natural world includes earth materials and objects in the sky.

112.5.11.C: identify the planets in our solar system and their position in relation to the Sun;

Solar System

112.5.11.D: describe the characteristics of the Sun.

Solar System

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