L.3: Life Science

DCI.L.3.2: Reproduction and Heredity

(Framing Text): Scientists have identified and classified many types of plants and animals. Some characteristics and traits that organisms have are inherited, and some result from interactions with the environment.

L.3.2: Students will demonstrate an understanding that through reproduction, the survival and physical features of plants and animals are inherited traits from parent organisms but can also be influenced by the environment.

L.3.2.1: Identify traits and describe how traits are passed from parent organism(s) to offspring in plants and animals.


L.3.2.2: Describe and provide examples of plant and animal offspring from a single parent organism (e.g., bamboo, fern, or starfish) as being an exact replica with identical traits as the parent organism.


L.3.2.3: Describe and provide examples of offspring from two parent organisms as containing a combination of inherited traits from both parent organisms.


P.3: Physical Science

DCI.P.3.5: Organization of Matter and Chemical Interactions

(Framing Text): Matter is made up of particles that are too small to be seen. Even though the particles are very small, the movement and spacing of these particles determine the basic properties of matter. Matter exists in several different states and is classified based on observable and measurable properties. Matter can be changed from one state to another when heat (i.e., thermal energy) is added or removed.

P.3.5: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the physical properties of matter to explain why matter can change states between a solid, liquid, or gas dependent upon the addition or removal of heat.

P.3.5.1: Plan and conduct scientific investigations to determine how changes in heat (i.e., an increase or decrease) change matter from one state to another (e.g., melting, freezing, condensing, boiling, or evaporating).

Phases of Water

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