1: Describe how electrical circuits can be used to produce light, heat, sound, and magnetic fields.

1.2: Identifying characteristics of parallel and series circuits

Circuit Builder

1.3: Classifying materials as conductors, nonconductors, and insulators of electricity and heat

Circuit Builder

1.5: Identifying components of a circuit

Circuit Builder

3: Recognize how light interacts with transparent, translucent, and opaque materials.

3.1: Predicting the reflection or absorption of light by various objects

Color Absorption
Heat Absorption

4: Describe effects of friction on moving objects.

4.1: Identifying momentum and inertia as properties of moving objects

Force and Fan Carts
Sled Wars

5: Describe the interdependence of plants and animals.

5.3: Tracing the flow of energy through a food chain

Prairie Ecosystem

5.4: Identifying characteristics of organisms, including growth and development, reproduction, acquisition and use of energy, and response to the environment

Flower Pollination

9: Describe the appearance and movement of Earth and its moon.

9.2: Identifying lunar and solar eclipses


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