2: Explore the components of living systems.

2.d: Show that plants grow from other parts and explain the germination of seeds.


2.f: Explain methods of pollination.

Flower Pollination

6: Analyze changes in matter.

6.b: Collect and graph weather data.

Force and Fan Carts
Graphing Skills

7: Develop the process of measurement and related concepts.

7.a: Identify and compare differences among length, weight/mass, and capacity/volume using English and metric measures.

Measuring Trees
Weight and Mass

7.b: Choose appropriate units of measurement for length, weight/mass, and capacity/volume.

Weight and Mass

7.f: Using various types of instruments measure:

7.f.1: length in millimeters, meters, kilometers

Measuring Trees

7.f.2: mass in grams and kilograms

Weight and Mass

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