B: Matter has mass, takes up space, and can change phase.

Phases of Water
Weight and Mass

C: Energy comes in a variety of forms that can be transferred from one object to another.

Energy Conversions
Heat Absorption

1: Questioning and predicting

1.3: Identify questions about familiar objects and events that can be investigated scientifically

Pendulum Clock

3: Processing and analyzing data and information

3.3: Use tables, simple bar graphs, or other formats to represent data and show simple patterns and trends

Graphing Skills
Prairie Ecosystem

4: Evaluating

4.2: Reflect on whether an investigation was a fair test

Effect of Environment on New Life Form
Growing Plants
Pendulum Clock

a: the ways organisms in ecosystems sense and respond to their environment


b: solids, liquids, and gases as matter

Phases of Water

d: energy:

d.1: has various forms

Energy Conversions

e: devices that transform energy

Energy Conversions

f: local changes caused by Earth's axis, rotation, and orbit

Summer and Winter

h: the relationship between the sun and the moon


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