A: Earning and Purchasing

A.3: demonstrate an understanding of the factors and methods involved in making and justifying informed purchasing decisions.

A.3.1: identify and describe various incentives in making purchasing decisions (e.g., 20% off; 1/3 off; buy 3 get 1 free; loyalty rewards; coupons; 0% financing)

Percent of Change

A.3.9: describe and compare, for different types of transactions, the extra costs that may be associated with making purchases (e.g., interest costs, exchange rates, shipping and handling costs, customs duty, insurance)

Compound Interest

B: Saving, Investing, and Borrowing

B.2: demonstrate an understanding of simple and compound interest, and solve problems involving related applications;

B.2.1: determine, through investigation using technology (e.g., calculator, spreadsheet), the effect on simple interest of changes in the principal, interest rate, or time, and solve problems involving applications of simple interest

Compound Interest

B.2.2: determine, through investigation using technology, the compound interest for a given investment, using repeated calculations of simple interest for no more than 6 compounding periods

Compound Interest

B.2.3: describe the relationship between simple interest and compound interest in various ways (i.e., orally; in writing; using tables and graphs)

Compound Interest

B.2.4: determine, through investigation using technology (e.g., a TVM Solver in a graphing calculator or on a website), the effect on the future value of a compound interest investment of changing the total length of time, the interest rate, or the compounding period

Compound Interest

B.2.5: solve problems, using technology, that involve applications of compound interest to saving and investing

Compound Interest

B.3: interpret information about different ways of borrowing and their associated costs, and make and justify informed borrowing decisions.

B.3.1: gather, interpret, and compare information about the effects of carrying an outstanding balance on a credit card at current interest rates

Compound Interest

B.3.3: calculate, using technology (e.g., calculator, spreadsheet), the total interest paid over the life of a personal loan, given the principal, the length of the loan, and the periodic payments, and use the calculations to justify the choice of a personal loan

Compound Interest

C: Transportation and Travel

C.2: plan and justify a route for a trip by automobile, and solve problems involving the associated costs;

C.2.1: determine distances represented on maps (e.g., provincial road map, local street map, Web-based maps), using given scales

Points in the Coordinate Plane

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