5.1: Sound and light are forms of energy.

5.1.9: Demonstrate that white light is composed of many colors.

Basic Prism
Color Absorption
Heat Absorption

5.2: Perceiving and responding to information about the environment is critical to the survival of organisms.

5.2.7: Describe the properties of different materials and the structures in the human eye enable humans to perceive color.

Color Absorption

5.3: Most objects in the solar system are in a regular and predictable motion.

5.3.1: Explain the motion of the earth relative to the sun that causes Earth to experience cycles of day and night.

Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun

5.3.2: Construct models demonstrating Earth’s rotation on its axis, the moon’s revolution around the earth, and the earth and moon revolving around the sun.

Phases of the Moon
Summer and Winter

5.3.4: Observe and record the moon’s appearance over time and analyze findings to describe the cyclical changes in its appearance from Earth (moon phases).

Phases of the Moon

5.3.5: Relate the moon phases to changes in the moon’s position relative to the earth and sun during its 29-day revolution around the earth.

Phases of the Moon

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