S-8-PS-1: analyze properties (e.g., boiling point, solubility) and changes of properties in matter.

Solubility and Temperature

S-8-PS-2: measure and represent (e.g., graph) forces on objects and motions (e.g., constant speed, changing speed) of objects.

2D Collisions
Air Track
Atwood Machine
Determining a Spring Constant
Fan Cart Physics
Uniform Circular Motion

S-8-PS-3: investigate transfer of energy (e.g., heat, light, electricity, mechanical motion, sound.

Phase Changes

S-8-ESS-3: investigate the Earth as a component of the solar system (e.g., Sun, planets, motion).

Rotation/Revolution of Venus and Earth
Solar System Explorer

S-8-LS-1: investigate structure (e.g., cells, tissues, organs) and function (e.g., growth, muscular function, digestion) in living systems.

Cell Structure
Photosynthesis Lab

S-8-LS-2: analyze reproduction (e.g., asexual, sexual) and heredity (e.g., genetic information, inherited traits).

Chicken Genetics
Human Karyotyping

S-8-LS-3: analyze regulation (changing physiological activities) and behavior (a set of responses).

Human Homeostasis

S-8-LS-4: investigate and analyze populations and ecosystems.

Food Chain

S-8-LS-5: analyze diversity and adaptations (e.g., changes in structure, behaviors, or physiology).

Evolution: Mutation and Selection
Natural Selection

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