PC.1: Complex Numbers and Transformations

PC.1.A: A Question of Linearity

Points in the Complex Plane

PC.1.C: The Power of the Right Notation

Points in the Complex Plane
Roots of a Quadratic

PC.2: Vectors and Matrices

PC.2.B: Linear Transformations of Planes and Space

Adding Vectors

PC.2.C: Systems of Linear Equations

Solving Linear Systems (Matrices and Special Solutions)

PC.2.D: Vectors in Plane and Space

Adding Vectors

PC.2.E: First-Person Video Games—Projection Matrices

3D and Orthographic Views

PC.3: Rational and Exponential Functions

PC.3.A: Polynomial Functions and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Graphs of Polynomial Functions
Polynomials and Linear Factors
Quadratics in Factored Form

PC.3.B: Rational Functions and Composition of Functions

Function Machines 1 (Functions and Tables)
General Form of a Rational Function
Rational Functions

PC.3.C: Inverse Functions

Function Machines 3 (Functions and Problem Solving)

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