5.3: Students continue to investigate changes of Earth and the sky. They explore, describe, and classify materials, motion, and energy.

5.3.1: Explain that telescopes are used to magnify distant objects in the sky, including the moon and the planets.

Comparing Earth and Venus

5.3.4: Investigate that when liquid water disappears it turns into a gas (vapor) mixed into the air and can reappear as a liquid when cooled or as a solid if cooled below the freezing point of water.

Phases of Water

5.3.6: Demonstrate that things on or near Earth are pulled toward it by Earth's gravity.

Free Fall Tower

5.3.8: Investigate, observe, and describe that heating and cooling cause changes in the properties of materials, such as water turning into steam by boiling and water turning into ice by freezing. Notice that many kinds of changes occur faster at higher temperatures.

Phases of Water

5.3.11: Investigate and describe that changes in speed or direction of motion of an object are caused by forces. Understand that the greater the force, the greater the change in motion and the more massive an object, the less effect a given force will have.

Force and Fan Carts

5.3.12: Explain that objects move at different rates, with some moving very slowly and some moving too quickly for people to see them.

Free Fall Tower
Measuring Motion

5.3.13: Demonstrate that Earth's gravity pulls any object toward it without touching it.

Free Fall Tower

5.4: Students learn about an increasing variety of organisms - familiar, exotic, fossil, and microscopic. They use appropriate tools in identifying similarities and differences among these organisms. Students explore how organisms satisfy their needs in their environments.

5.4.1: Explain that for offspring to resemble their parents there must be a reliable way to transfer information from one generation to the next.


5.4.5: Explain how changes in an organism's habitat are sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful.

Pond Ecosystem
Rabbit Population by Season

5.4.9: Explain that like other animals, human beings have body systems.

Circulatory System

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