7.1: Physical Science

7.1.1: Explain that when energy is transferred from one system to another, the total quantity of energy does not change.

2D Collisions
Air Track
Energy Conversion in a System

7.1.2: Describe and give examples of how energy can be transferred from place to place and transformed from one form to another through radiation, convection and conduction.

2D Collisions
Heat Absorption
Herschel Experiment

7.1.5: Describe and investigate how forces between objectsÂ?such as magnetic, electrical or gravitational forcesÂ?can act at a distance or by means of direct contact between objects.

Charge Launcher
Free Fall Tower
Free-Fall Laboratory

7.1.7: Demonstrate and describe how an objectÂ?s speed or direction of motion changes when a force acts upon it. Demonstrate and describe that an objectÂ?s speed and direction of motion remain unchanged if the net force acting upon it is zero.

Force and Fan Carts

7.2: Earth and Space Systems

7.2.1: Describe how the earth is a layered structure composed of lithospheric plates, a mantle and a dense core.

Plate Tectonics

7.2.5: Describe the origin and physical properties of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks and how they are related through the rock cycle.

Rock Classification
Rock Cycle

7.3: Life Science

7.3.1: Explain that all living organisms are composed of one cell or multiple cells and that the many functions needed to sustain life are carried out within cells.

Paramecium Homeostasis

7.3.3: Explain that, although the way cells function is similar in all living organisms, multicellular organisms have specialized cells whose specialized functions are directly related to their structure.

Cell Structure
Paramecium Homeostasis

7.3.4: Compare and contrast similarities and differences among specialized sub cellular components within plant and animal cells (including organelles and cell walls that perform essential functions and give cells shape and structure).

Cell Structure
RNA and Protein Synthesis

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