3.1: Physical Science

3.1.2: Investigate how the loudness and pitch of sound changes when the rate of vibrations changes.

Longitudinal Waves

3.1.5: Observe and describe how light is absorbed, changes its direction, is reflected back and passes through objects. Observe and describe that a shadow results when light cannot pass through an object.

Basic Prism
Color Absorption
Heat Absorption

3.2: Earth Science

3.2.2: Observe the detailed characteristics of rocks and minerals. Identify rocks as being composed of different combinations of minerals.

Mineral Identification

3.2.3: Classify and identify minerals by their physical properties of hardness, color, luster and streak.

Mineral Identification

3.2.6: Describe how the properties of earth materials make them useful to humans in different ways. Describe ways that humans have altered these resources to meet their needs for survival.

Pond Ecosystem

3.3: Life Science

3.3.1: Identify the common structures of a plant including its roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. Describe their functions.

Flower Pollination

3.4: Science, Engineering and Technology

3.4.1: Choose and use the appropriate tools to estimate and measure length, mass and temperature in SI units.

Weight and Mass

3.4.2: Define the uses and types of simple machines and utilize simple machines in the solution to a real world" problem."

Inclined Plane - Simple Machine
Pulley Lab

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