5.S.2: Physical Science

5.S.2.1: Understand the Structure and Function of Matter and Molecules and Their Interactions

5.S.2.1.3: Explain the nature of physical change and how it relates to physical properties.

Density Experiment: Slice and Dice

5.S.3: Biology

5.S.3.2: Understand the Relationship between Matter and Energy in Living Systems

5.S.3.2.1: Communicate how plants convert energy from the Sun through photosynthesis.

Energy Conversions

5.S.3.3: Understand the Cell is the Basis of Form and Function for All Living Things

5.S.3.3.2: Explain the concept that traits are passed from parents to offspring.


5.S.4: Earth and Space Systems

5.S.4.2: Understand Geo-chemical Cycles and Energy in the Earth System

5.S.4.2.1: Explain the rock cycle and identify the three classifications of rocks.

Rock Classification
Rock Cycle

5.S.5: Personal and Social Perspectives; Technology

5.S.5.1: Understand Common Environmental Quality Issues, Both Natural and Human Induced

5.S.5.1.1: Identify issues for environmental studies.

Pond Ecosystem
Water Pollution

5.S.5.3: Understand the Importance of Natural Resources and the Need to Manage and Conserve Them

5.S.5.3.1: Identify the differences between renewable and nonrenewable resources.

Energy Conversions

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