3.S.2: Physical Science

3.S.2.1: Understand the Structure and Function of Matter and Molecules and Their Interactions

3.S.2.1.1: Use instruments to measure properties.

Weight and Mass

3.S.2.1.3: Explain that heating and cooling can cause changes of state in common materials.

Phases of Water

3.S.3: Biology

3.S.3.2: Understand the Relationship between Matter and Energy in Living Systems

3.S.3.2.2: Compare and contrast the energy requirements of plants and animals.

Energy Conversions

3.S.3.2.4: Diagram the food web and explain how organisms both cooperate and compete in ecosystems.

Forest Ecosystem

3.S.4: Earth and Space Systems

3.S.4.1: Understand Scientific Theories of Origin and Subsequent Changes in the Universe and Earth Systems

3.S.4.1.1: Explain the reasons for length of a day, the seasons, and the year on Earth.

Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
Summer and Winter

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