8-9.PS.2: Physical Science

8-9.PS.2.2: Understand Concepts of Motion and Forces

8-9.PS.2.2.1: Explain motion using Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Atwood Machine
Fan Cart Physics

8-9.PS.2.3: Understand the Total Energy in the Universe is Constant

8-9.PS.2.3.1: Explain that energy can be transformed but cannot be created nor destroyed.

Air Track
Energy Conversion in a System
Energy of a Pendulum
Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects
Roller Coaster Physics

8-9.PS.2.3.2: Classify energy as potential and/or kinetic and as energy contained in a field.

Energy of a Pendulum
Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects
Potential Energy on Shelves
Roller Coaster Physics
Sled Wars

8-9.PS.2.4: Understand the Structure of Atoms

8-9.PS.2.4.5: Describe the relationships between magnetism and electricity.

Electromagnetic Induction
Magnetic Induction

8-9.PS.2.5: Understand Chemical Reactions

8-9.PS.2.5.1: Explain how chemical reactions may release or consume energy while the quantity of matter remains constant.

Chemical Changes

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