1: Life Systems - Growth and Changes in Plants

1.G: General Learning Outcomes

1.G.2: Investigate the requirements of plants and the effects of changes in environmental conditions on plants; and

Growing Plants

1.S: Specific Learning Outcomes

1.S.a: Identify the major parts of plants (e.g., seeds, stem, leaves, pistil etc.) and describe their basic function;

Flower Pollination

1.S.c: Describe using their own observations, the changes that plants (local/domestic) undergo in a complete life cycle (e.g., blueberry, cranberry, tomato seeds, germination, growth, seed production, seed disbursement);


1.S.d: Describe, using their own observations, the effects of the seasons on plants (germination/budding, leaf/stem growth, production of seeds, preparation for dormancy/end of life cycle);

Summer and Winter

2: Matter and Materials - Magnetic and Charged Materials

2.G: General Learning Outcomes

2.G.1: Demonstrate an understanding of the properties of materials that can be magnetized or charged and how materials are affected by magnets or static electric charges;


2.S: Specific Learning Outcomes

2.S.b: Identify materials that can be magnetized (e.g., iron, nickel, ceramics, composites);


3: Energy and Control - Forces and Movement

3.S: Specific Learning Outcomes

3.S.d: Identify, through observation, different forms of energy and suggest how they might be used to provide power to devices and create movement (e.g., the release of energy from a tightly wound rubber band or spring could create movement in a wind up toy);

Energy Conversions

3.S.e: Distinguish between the kind of motion and indicate whether the motion is caused indirectly (e.g., gravity, static electricity, magnets) or directly (e.g., by applied force); and

Free Fall Tower

4: Structures and Mechanisms - Stability

4.S: Specific Learning Outcomes

4.S.e: Describe, using their observations, the changes in the amount of effort needed to lift a specific load with a lever when the position of the fulcrum is changed; and


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