1: Atoms and Elements

1.1: Physical and Chemical Changes

1.1.1: perform experiments, collect evidence, report findings, and demonstrate a knowledge of WHMIS standards in the laboratory

Effect of Environment on New Life Form
Pendulum Clock
Real-Time Histogram
Seed Germination
Temperature and Sex Determination - Metric

1.1.2: investigate materials and describe them in terms of their physical properties

Density Experiment: Slice and Dice

1.1.3: describe changes in the properties of materials that result from some common chemical reactions

Chemical Changes

1.2: Atomic Theory

1.2.1: use models in describing the structure and components of atoms and molecules, and explain the appropriate operational definition

Element Builder

1.3: Periodic Table

1.3.3: identify the elements and number of atoms, given a chemical formula

Chemical Equations

1.3.4: provide examples of scientific knowledge that have resulted in the development of technologies

Electromagnetic Induction

1.3.5: provide examples of technologies that have enhanced, promoted, or made possible scientific research

Electromagnetic Induction

2: Characteristics of Electricity

2.2: Series and Parallel Circuits

2.2.1: describe series and parallel circuits involving varying resistance, voltage, and current

Advanced Circuits
Circuit Builder

2.2.2: rephrase questions in a testable form and clearly define practical problems

Sight vs. Sound Reactions

2.2.3: use instruments effectively and accurately for collecting data

Triple Beam Balance

2.3: Electricity, Energy, and the Environment

2.3.1: relate electrical energy to domestic power consumption costs

Household Energy Usage

2.3.3: describe the transfer and conversion of energy from a generating station to the home

Energy Conversion in a System

4: Reproduction

4.1: Cellular Processes

4.1.1: illustrate and describe the basic processes of mitosis and meiosis

Cell Division

4.3: Genetics

4.3.4: provide examples science and technology, including Canadian, that have contributed to and developed genetic knowledge

Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
Mouse Genetics (Two Traits)

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