1: Life Science: Habitats

1.5: Food Chains

1.5.1: classify organisms and draw diagrams to illustrate their role in a food chain

Prairie Ecosystem

2: Physical Science: Light

2.5: Bending Light

2.5.2: demonstrate that white light can be separated into colours (dispersion) and follow a set of procedures to make and use a colour wheel

Additive Colors

4: Earth and Space Science: Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion

4.1: Collecting and Comparing Rocks and Minerals

4.1.2: investigate rocks and minerals and record questions and observations

Mineral Identification

4.2: Properties of Rocks and Minerals

4.2.1: explore physical properties of local rocks and minerals, using appropriate tools to collect and compare with those from other places

Mineral Identification

4.2.2: classify rocks and minerals by creating a chart or diagram that illustrates the classification scheme and compare results with others

Mineral Identification

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