1: Physical Science: Electricity

1.3: Circuit Pathways

1.3.1: compare a variety of electrical pathways by constructing simple circuits, series circuits, and parallel circuits and illustrate them with appropriate symbols

Circuit Builder

1.3.2: perform activities that compare the conductivity of different solids and liquids

Circuit Builder

1.3.3: describe the role of switches in electrical circuits, and identify materials that can be used to make a switch

Circuit Builder

1.5: Consumption and Conservation

1.5.1: explain various methods by which electricity is generated including renewable and non-renewable

Energy Conversions

3: Earth and Space Science: Space

3.2: Relative Position and Motion of Earth, the Moon, and the Sun

3.2.1: demonstrate how Earth?s rotation causes the day and night cycle and how Earth?s revolution causes the yearly cycle of seasons

Comparing Earth and Venus
Seasons in 3D
Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
Seasons: Why do we have them?
Summer and Winter

3.3: The Solar System

3.3.1: gather information, describe, and display the physical characteristics of components of the solar system

Solar System

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