5.3: Understand the unity, diversity, and interrelationships of organisms, including their relationship to cycles of matter and energy in the environment

5.3.1: Describe the cycle of energy among producers, consumers, and decomposers

Energy Conversions
Forest Ecosystem

5.3.2: Describe the interdependent relationships among producers, consumers, and decomposers in an ecosystem in terms of the cycles of matter

Forest Ecosystem

5.4: Understand the structures and functions of living organisms and how organisms can be compared scientifically

5.4.1: Describe the structures of the human body and how they work together to sustain life


5.5: Understand genetics and biological evolution and their impact on the unity and diversity of organisms

5.5.1: Recognize that some traits of living things are inherited and others are learned

Reverse the Field

5.6: Understand the nature of matter and energy, forms of energy (including waves) and energy transformations, and their significance in understanding the structure of the universe

5.6.1: Identify different forms of energy (e.g., thermal, electrical, nuclear, light, sound) and how they can change and transfer energy from one form to another

Energy Conversions
Heat Absorption

5.6.2: Describe ways that heat can be transferred from one object to another

Conduction and Convection
Heat Absorption
Heat Transfer by Conduction

5.6.3: Compare what happens to light when it is reflected, refracted, and absorbed

Heat Absorption

5.7: Understand the relationship between force, mass, and motion of objects; and know the major natural forces: gravitational, electric, and magnetic

5.7.1: Explain how electrically charged materials can push or pull other charged materials

Charge Launcher

5.8: Understand the Earth and its processes, the solar system, and the universe and its contents

5.8.1: Describe the relationship (size and distance) of Earth to other components in the solar system

Solar System

5.8.3: Explain that the planets orbit the sun and that the moon orbits the Earth

Gravity Pitch
Solar System

5.8.4: Demonstrate that day and night are caused by the rotation of the Earth on its axis

Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun

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