SPI 0507.4: Plants and animals reproduce and transmit hereditary information between generations.

SPI 0507.4.1: Recognize that information is passed from parent to offspring during reproduction.


SPI 0507.4.2: Distinguish between inherited traits and those that can be attributed to the environment.


SPI 0507.6: The cosmos is vast and explored well enough to know its basic structure and operational principles.

SPI 0507.6.1: Distinguish among the planets according to their known characteristics such as appearance, location, composition, and apparent motion.

Comparing Earth and Venus
Solar System

SPI 0507.9: The composition and structure of matter is known, and it behaves according to principles that are generally understood.

SPI 0507.9.1: Distinguish between physical and chemical properties.

Mineral Identification

SPI 0507.9.3: Describe factors that influence the rate at which different types of material freeze, melt, or evaporate.

Phases of Water

SPI 0507.10: Various forms of energy are constantly being transformed into other types without any net loss of energy from the system.

SPI 0507.10.1: Differentiate between potential and kinetic energy.

Sled Wars

SPI 0507.10.2: Use data from an investigation to determine the method by which heat energy is transferred from one object or material to another.

Conduction and Convection
Heat Absorption
Heat Transfer by Conduction

SPI 0507.12: Everything in the universe exerts a gravitational force on everything else; there is an interplay between magnetic fields and electrical currents.

SPI 0507.12.2: Identify the force that causes objects to fall to the earth.

Free Fall Tower

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