SPI 0407.2: All life is interdependent and interacts with the environment.

SPI 0407.2.1: Recognize the impact of predation and competition on an ecosystem.

Prairie Ecosystem

SPI 0407.6: The cosmos is vast and explored well enough to know its basic structure and operational principles.

SPI 0407.6.1: Organize the phases of the moon in the correct sequence.

Phases of the Moon

SPI 0407.6.2: Infer that the moon?s phases are caused by the revolution of the moon and earth around the sun.

Phases of the Moon

SPI 0407.8: The earth is surrounded by an active atmosphere and an energy system that controls the distribution life, local weather, climate, and global temperature.

SPI 0407.8.1: Identify the basic features of the water cycle and describe their importance to life on earth.

Water Cycle

SPI 0407.9: The composition and structure of matter is known, and it behaves according to principles that are generally understood.

SPI 0407.9.1: Choose an appropriate tool for measuring a specific physical property of matter.

Mineral Identification
Weight and Mass

SPI 0407.9.2: Determine the mass, volume, and temperature of a substance or object using proper units of measurement.

Weight and Mass

SPI 0407.10: Various forms of energy are constantly being transformed into other types without any net loss of energy from the system.

SPI 0407.10.1: Identify different forms of energy, such as heat, light, and chemical.

Energy Conversions
Heat Absorption

SPI 0407.10.2: Determine which surfaces reflect, refract, or absorb light.

Color Absorption
Heat Absorption

SPI 0407.12: Everything in the universe exerts a gravitational force on everything else; there is an interplay between magnetic fields and electrical currents.

SPI 0407.12.1: Identify how magnets attract or repel one another.


SPI 0407.12.2: Determine how an electrically charged material interacts with other objects.

Charge Launcher

SPI 0407.12.3: Determine the path of an electrical current in a simple circuit.

Circuit Builder

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