S3E1: Students will investigate the physical attributes of rocks and soils.

S3E1.b: Recognize the physical attributes of rocks and minerals using observation (shape, color, texture), measurement, and simple tests (hardness).

Mineral Identification

S3P1: Students will investigate how heat is produced and the effects of heating and cooling, and will understand a change in temperature indicates a change in heat.

S3P1.c: Investigate the transfer of heat energy from the sun to various materials.

Energy Conversions
Heat Absorption

S3P2: Students will investigate magnets and how they affect other magnets and common objects.

S3P2.a: Investigate to find common objects that are attracted to magnets.


S3P2.b: Investigate how magnets attract and repel each other.


S3L2: Students will recognize the effects of pollution and humans on the environment.

S3L2.a: Explain the effects of pollution (such as littering) to the habitats of plants and animals.

Pond Ecosystem

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