1: Processes and Skills of Science

1.1: identify variables that can be changed in an experiment

Effect of Environment on New Life Form
Pendulum Clock
Seed Germination

1.2: evaluate the fairness of a given experiment

Seed Germination

1.3: describe the steps in designing an experiment

Effect of Environment on New Life Form
Growing Plants
Pendulum Clock

2: Life Science: Human Body

2.1: describe the basic structure and functions of the human respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems

Circulatory System

2.2: explain how the different body systems are interconnected


3: Physical Science: Forces and Simple Machines

3.1: demonstrate how various forces can affect the movement of objects

Force and Fan Carts

3.2: demonstrate mechanical advantage of simple machines, including lever, wedge, pulley, ramp, screw, and wheel

Ants on a Slant (Inclined Plane)
Wheel and Axle

4: Earth and Space Science: Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

4.1: analyse how BCâ??s living and non-living resources are used

Pond Ecosystem

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