1: Algebra

1.1: Understand, analyze, represent, and apply functions

Cosine Function
Exponential Functions - Activity A
Fourth-Degree Polynomials - Activity A
Function Machines 1 (Functions and Tables)
Function Machines 2 (Functions, Tables, and Graphs)
Function Machines 3 (Functions and Problem Solving)
Introduction to Functions
Linear Functions
Quadratic and Absolute Value Functions
Quadratics in Factored Form
Quadratics in Polynomial Form - Activity A
Rational Functions
Sine Function
Tangent Function
Using Tables, Rules and Graphs

1.2: Understand, analyze, solve, and apply equations and inequalities

Linear Inequalities in Two Variables - Activity A
Modeling and Solving Two-Step Equations
Solving Linear Inequalities using Addition and Subtraction
Solving Linear Inequalities using Multiplication and Division
Solving Two-Step Equations

1.4: Understand, analyze, approximate, and interpret rate of change

Direct Variation
Direct and Inverse Variation
Distance-Time Graphs
Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs
Modeling Linear Systems - Activity A

2: Geometry

2.3: Understand and apply properties and relationships of geometric figures

Classifying Quadrilaterals - Activity B
Parallelogram Conditions
Special Quadrilaterals

2.4: Use trigonometry based on triangles and circles to solve problems about length and angle measures

Classifying Triangles

4: Quantitative Literacy

4.2: Understand and apply the mathematics of systematic counting

Permutations and Combinations

4.3: Understand and apply some basic mathematics of decision making in a democratic society

Percent of Change
Road Trip (Problem Solving)

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