CLE 3222.1: Atomic theory is the foundation for understanding the interactions and changes in matter.

CLE 3222.1.1: Explain and illustrate the arrangement of electrons surrounding an atom.

Electron Configuration

CLE 3222.1.2: Relate the arrangement of electrons surrounding an atom with observed periodic trends.

Electron Configuration

CLE 3222.1.3: Describe the structure, shape, and characteristics of polyatomic ions, ionic and molecular compounds.

Covalent Bonds
Ionic Bonds

CLE 3222.3: Explain how the physical characteristics of matter are governed by kinetic molecular theory and intermolecular forces.

Temperature and Particle Motion

CLE 3222.3.1: Use the reactants of a chemical reaction to predict the products.

Equilibrium and Concentration

CLE 3222.3.2: Fully analyze the quantitative aspects of a chemical reaction in terms of the amounts of products and reactants.

Chemical Equations
Limiting Reactants

CLE 3222.3.3: Analyze the kinetics of a chemical reaction.

Collision Theory

CLE 3222.3.4: Describe parameters of chemical equilibria.

Equilibrium and Concentration
Equilibrium and Pressure

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