CLE 3237.1.4: Investigate kinematics and dynamics.

Free-Fall Laboratory

CLE 3237.1.5: Investigate and apply Archimedes?s Principle.

Archimedes' Principle
Determining Density via Water Displacement

CLE 3237.3.2: Investigate Hooke?s law.

Determining a Spring Constant

CLE 3237.3.3: Understand wave mechanics.

Ripple Tank

CLE 3237.3.4: Examine the Doppler Effect.

Doppler Shift
Doppler Shift Advanced

CLE 3237.3.5: Explore the characteristics and properties of sound.

Ripple Tank

CLE 3237.3.7: Investigate the interaction of light waves.

Ripple Tank

CLE 3237.3.8: Explore the optical principles of mirrors and lenses.

Ray Tracing (Lenses)
Ray Tracing (Mirrors)

CLE 3237.4.3: Investigate Ohm's law.

Advanced Circuits

CLE 3237.4.4: Compare and contrast series and parallel circuits.

Circuit Builder

CLE 3237.4.6: Investigate magnetic poles, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic induction.

Electromagnetic Induction

CLE 3237.5.1: Investigate the properties and structure of the atom.

Element Builder

CLE 3237.5.2: Explore the dynamics of the nucleus: radioactivity, nuclear decay, radiocarbon/uranium dating, and half-life.

Nuclear Decay

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