PS.1.0: Students know the definition of the notion of independent events and can use the rules for addition, multiplication, and complementation to solve for probabilities of particular events in finite sample spaces.

Compound Independent Events
Compound Independent and Dependent Events

PS.5.0: Students determine the mean and the standard deviation of a normally distributed random variable.

Movie Reviewer (Mean and Median)

PS.6.0: Students know the definitions of the mean, median, and mode of a distribution of data and can compute each in particular situations.

Describing Data Using Statistics
Line Plots
Mean, Median and Mode
Movie Reviewer (Mean and Median)
Reaction Time 1 (Graphs and Statistics)

PS.8.0: Students organize and describe distributions of data by using a number of different methods, including frequency tables, histograms, standard line and bar graphs, stem-and-leaf displays, scatterplots, and box-and-whisker plots.

Box-and-Whisker Plots
Graphing Skills
Reaction Time 1 (Graphs and Statistics)
Scatter Plots - Activity A
Solving Using Trend Lines
Stem-and-Leaf Plots

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