SC.O.5.2.02: identify and explain common energy conversions in cycles of matter including photosynthesis and the carbon dioxide cycle.

Cell Energy Cycle
Energy Conversions

SC.O.5.2.03: identify the structures of living organisms and explain their function.

Flower Pollination

SC.O.5.2.08: trace and describe the pathways of the sun?s energy through producers, consumers and decomposers using food webs and pyramids.

Forest Ecosystem

SC.O.5.2.09: explain that the mass of a material is conserved whether it is together, in parts, or in a different state.

Chemical Changes

SC.O.5.2.12: through experimentation, identify substances by their relative densities (mass/volume=density).

Density Experiment: Slice and Dice

SC.O.5.2.13: analyze diagrams of electrical circuits.

Circuit Builder

SC.O.5.2.16: describe how the variables of gravity and friction affect the motion of objects.

Force and Fan Carts

SC.O.5.2.20: use a variety of instruments and sources to collect and display weather data to describe weather patterns.

Weather Maps

SC.O.5.2.22: analyze a topographical map to make inferences related to elevation and land features.

Building Topographic Maps
Reading Topographic Maps

SC.O.5.2.23: identify resources as being renewable or non-renewable.

Energy Conversions

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