SC.O.4.2.02: associate the behaviors of living organisms to external and internal influences (e.g., hunger, climate, or seasons).


SC.O.4.2.05: give examples how plants and animals closely resemble their parents and that some characteristics are inherited from the parents and others result from interaction with the environment.


SC.O.4.2.08: construct and explain models of habitats, food chains, and food webs.

Forest Ecosystem

SC.O.4.2.13: differentiate changes in states of matter due to heat loss or gain.

Phases of Water

SC.O.4.2.16: identify different forms of energy and describe energy transformations that occur between them (e.g., electrical to heat, or radiant to chemical).

Energy Conversions

SC.O.4.2.18: investigate static electricity and conductors/nonconductors of electricity.

Circuit Builder

SC.O.4.2.19: construct simple electrical circuits.

Circuit Builder

SC.O.4.2.22: predict and investigate the motion of an object if the applied force is changed.

Force and Fan Carts

SC.O.4.2.31: explain the effects of alignment of earth, moon and sun on the earth.

Ocean Tides

SC.O.4.2.32: describe and explain the planets orbital paths.

Gravity Pitch

SC.O.4.2.33: differentiate between types of rock and describe the rock cycle.

Rock Cycle

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