5.2: Physical Science

5.2.2: Motion An object's motion is affected by forces and can be described by the object's speed and the direction it is moving. Give examples of simple machines and demonstrate how they change the input and output of forces and motion.

Ants on a Slant (Inclined Plane) Demonstrate that a greater force on an object can produce a greater change in motion.

Force and Fan Carts

5.3: Earth and Space Science

5.3.4: Human Interaction with Earth Systems In order to maintain and improve their existence, humans interact with and influence Earth systems. Identify renewable and non-renewable energy and material resources that are found in Minnesota and describe how they are used.

Energy Conversions

5.4: Life Science

5.4.4: Human Interactions with Living Systems Humans change environments in ways that can be either beneficial or harmful to themselves and other organisms. Give examples of beneficial and harmful human interaction with natural systems.

Pond Ecosystem
Water Pollution

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