11-12.C.2: Physical Science

11-12.C.2.1: Understand the Structure and Function of Matter and Molecules and Their Interactions

11-12.C.2.1.1: Explain and understand how electrons are involved in the formation of chemical bonds using the octet rule and Lewis dot diagrams.

Covalent Bonds
Ionic Bonds

11-12.C.2.1.6: Explain the role of dissociation and ionization in producing strong, weak, and nonelectrolytes.


11-12.C.2.2: Understand Concepts of Motion and Forces

11-12.C.2.2.1: Describe the Kinetic Molecular Theory as it applies to phases of matter

Phase Changes

11-12.C.2.3: Understand the Total Energy in the Universe is Constant

11-12.C.2.3.1: Explain and calculate the changes in heat energy that occur during chemical reactions and phase changes.

Phase Changes

11-12.C.2.3.2: Demonstrate the conservation of matter by balancing chemical equations.

Balancing Chemical Equations
Chemical Equations

11-12.C.2.3.3: Differentiate between exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions during chemical or physical changes.

Chemical Changes

11-12.C.2.4: Understand the Structure of Atoms

11-12.C.2.4.3: Describe the relationship between the structure of atoms and light absorption and emission.

Star Spectra

11-12.C.2.4.4: Determine and illustrate electron arrangements of elements using electron configurations and orbital energy diagrams.

Bohr Model of Hydrogen
Electron Configuration

11-12.C.2.5: Understand Chemical Reactions

11-12.C.2.5.1: Illustrate the Law of Conservation of Mass and the Law of Definite Proportions.

Chemical Changes
Chemical Equations

11-12.C.2.5.2: Classify, write and balance chemical equations for common types of chemical reactions and predict the products.

Balancing Chemical Equations
Chemical Equations
Equilibrium and Concentration

11-12.C.2.5.3: Describe the factors that influence the rates of chemical reactions.

Collision Theory

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