7.1P.1: Explain that all matter is made of atoms, elements are composed of a single kind of atom, and compounds are composed of two or more elements.

Element Builder

7.1L.1: Compare and contrast sexual and asexual reproduction. Explain why reproduction is essential to the continuation of every species.

Rainfall and Bird Beaks - Metric

7.1L.2: Distinguish between inherited and learned traits, explain how inherited traits are passed from generation to generation, and describe the relationships among phenotype, genotype, chromosomes, and genes.

Chicken Genetics
Human Karyotyping
Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
Mouse Genetics (Two Traits)

7.2P.1: Identify and describe types of motion and forces and relate forces qualitatively to the laws of motion and gravitation.

Force and Fan Carts

7.2L.1: Explain how organelles within a cell perform cellular processes and how cells obtain the raw materials for those processes.

Cell Structure
Paramecium Homeostasis
RNA and Protein Synthesis

7.2L.2: Explain the processes by which plants and animals obtain energy and materials for growth and metabolism.

Growing Plants

7.2E.3: Evaluate natural processes and human activities that affect global environmental change and suggest and evaluate possible solutions to problems.

Coral Reefs 1 - Abiotic Factors
Coral Reefs 2 - Biotic Factors
Pond Ecosystem

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